Theme Resources

The Theme Resources provide additional information about Eco-Drama, should you need a boost to your creativity.  What is Eco-Drama?  Plays that:
  • Help us think about the planet and nature rather than the "art of the play.”
  • Provide new endings to our global conflicts, rather than "the end of everything" negativism.
  • May be only "playful eco-fables."
  • Bring together environmentalism and Readers Theater.
  • Question our ideas about values, faith, and identity.
  • Combine problem-stating with problem-solving.
  • Are not about "eco-warriors" but about ordinary people making up their own minds and doing what is ordinarily possible.
  • See us recognizing our part in and responsibility to the natural world and see us working with nature and not against it.
  • Connects the individual to the implications of their actions and their place in the world.
  • Stimulate audiences towards the radical and imaginative thinking necessary to understand a world dominated by environmental challenges.
  • Are stories of almost anyone--the poorest of the poor--the richest of the rich--nature treats us all equally.
  • Tell a story--you hear it--it enchants you--you tell it to someone else-- nature gets heard.
  • Tell why we care most about what is closest at hand.
  • Empower our environmental survival with cooperation across oceans and continents.
  • Utters things that are not otherwise said.

Theme Links

The Role of Storytelling in Creating Behavioral Change
Children's Green Eco-Fables
Theater & Ecology weblinks resource directory
Ashden Directory: Bringing together environmentalism and performing arts

Playwright Resources

The Playwright Resources give hints and techniques used by playwrights for composition.  These links will be helpful if this is your FIRST TIME in writing a play!

Standard Play Format
Teaching Young Playwrights
How to Write a 10-Minute Play
Writing Exercises
Way of Story Writing Course by Catherine Ann Jones

Chumash Indian Resources

The Chumash Indian Resources may give you a glimpse into the spiritual significance of our geographical area.  This information may increase your understanding of the concept of Liyikshup, the "center of the world where everything is in balance."  These links also will introduce you to Chumash rock art.

Lumeria (lost continent of Mu)
Chumash Rock Art
More Chumash Rock Art
Los Padres Forest Rock Art
Carrizo Plain Pictographs
Shamanism & Rock Art
More Shamanism & Rock Art
Chumash Astrology
More Chumash Astrology
Chumash Links
Rock Art Symbols
The Painted Cave

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