Showcasing Alan Salazar and Dee Dominguez

Alan Salazar

Alan Salazar is an educator, visionary, spiritual advisor of Chumash and Tatavian Native American descendent. His Chumash name is Spirit Hawk and he holds the title of "the village's fastest runner." He is endowed with spiritual gifts of performing sacred ceremonial rites. In addition, he draws on nearly twenty years of professional experience as a preschool teacher and as a counselor and institutional officer in the juvenile justice system.

Mr. Salazar is a leading cultural resource consultant for the Ventura Indian Educational Consortium. He has been involved in numerous organizations, including The Kern County Indian Council, Candelaria American Indian Council, Chumash Maritime Association, Oakbrook Chumash Center and ANTIK - a coalition of Chumash people. He is past President of the Native American Heritage Preservation Council of Kern County. Alan Salazar has devoted his entire life to furthering Native American causes. Today, he is actively involved in the Maritime Cultural Resurgence -- a movement that honors Chumash masters of the tomol, the traditional plank canoe.

Mr. Salazar is widely admired for his ability to balance the need for Chumash Cultural preservation and the need for modern land use development. His cultural heritage educational activities are closely integrated with his public service and scholarly interests.

He is a member of the California Indian Advisory Committee of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and his research on Chumash culture has been published in the Kern County Archeological Society Journal. Mr. Salazar participates in cultural and land use activities involving the interests of the Chumash people. He has conducted Chumash ceremonial blessings at public events, including the dedication of Point Dume Nation preserve in Malibu, a State historic landmark.

Delia “Dee” Dominguez

Delia “Dee” Dominguez is a member of the Kitanemuk & Yowlumne Tejon Indians, a non-recognized American Indian Tribe. As the Tribal Genealogist, she created family trees and researched archived documents for preparing the documents for Federal Recognition of her tribe. As Tribal Chairwoman, she led the legal fight in Fresno Federal District Court to protect the cultural and Sacred Sites on the Elk Hills from destruction and desecration by Occidental Petroleum. She is a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild. She led the way in receiving access to her tribe’s last living areas on the Tejon Creek and Canyon (the old schoolhouse and graveyard) by negotiating with Tejon Ranch for restoring these cultural sites. In recognition for her efforts for preservation of culture and tradition, protection of cultural and sacred sites both for the lands from which she is descended, and assisting other tribes in their similar efforts, she is on the list of Most Likely Descendants with the State of California, Native American Heritage Commission.  

She is a Native Artist, with the following credits. She is a traditional basket weaver and teacher, being a member of the California Indian Basket weavers Association (CIBA). She preserves the art of traditional basket weaving, in educating members of numerous tribes in the art of weaving, the collecting and preparation of native plants for weaving, the recognition of traditional patterns, and style of basket and weave.  

She is a traditional and contemporary storyteller, carrying on this tradition as cultural education for many tribes and uses this artistic medium for educating the general public about tribal cultural history. She has performed for: Southern California Storytellers Association, San Onofre Foundation Earth Day Celebration at Pahne, Haramokna Native American Center in the Angeles National Forest, Tule River Spring Festival, Cal Poly State University-Pomona Native American Center annual Pow Wow, Carmel Ohlone annual Pow Wow, 2006 California Indian Education Conference, as well as many other venues.

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